15 Free Alpha Sample Pack.


100+ Sign decals, SVG and PNG vector files + alphas for use with software such as Substance painter and ZBrush. 20 Free Hardsurface Height/Alphas.

I named this Matte sculpting because you get a big library of assets/alphas and are free to mix them to make new Artwork.

- 2048 x 2048 16-bit.

This includes the cloth, hard-surface and stylized alpha maps. Find Cloth and Skin Alphas, Hard Surface Brushes and much more. A lot of time and effort went into this project, taking more than 150 hours to complete! Inspired by iconic designs, created for the people that want to speed up.


More than 350 Hardsurface alpha textures in this set. 28 ratings. .

. Title: Artstation – 400+ Hard Surface Alphas.

by ⚪ Jonas Roscinas in Brushes.


This includes the cloth, hard-surface and stylized alpha maps. Categories.

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This is for those people who didn't have a chance to try out my alpha textures yet, so unfortunately there is nothing new if you already purchased the previous sets.
Thanks so much.

This is the normal map version of Tier 1 hard surface alphas: https://cubebrush.

These unique alpha: Can be used in Brick/Concrete/Stone and also wall cracks and damages In addition to ZBrush, these brushes are provided in "abr" formats, which will be useful for Photoshop arts and text effect The.

Happy y to introduce you to my new Pack of Hard surface Alpha Brushes for Zbrush, 3d coat, and other 3d Programs. New things are coming though!Includes a. .

1 - Free Sample. artstation. . 350+ Hardsurface Alpha Pack by J Roscinas. . 80 Hardsurface / SciFi Alphas | FREE |.


artstation. 82 Hardsurface NormalsMaps | FREE |.


txt file!Alpha Maps are.

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(only 10 alphas.

Jun 10, 2018 · 3D artists Oleg Ushenok and Eugene Apekin have released Hard Surface KitBash Vol 3: a huge new pack of over 300 free kitbash model parts, intended for creating concept designs for vehicles and machinery.