The three Yoruba Oracles are among the main elements of our religion and allow direct.

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. Male clerics are known as Babalawos, while their.


* a divination tray (opon Ifa).

Findings – “Ifa” knowledge visualization was designed with Visual Basic 6. What is so comforting about the Orisa and Ifa traditions is that it is inherently recognized that to properly collect the good things in life that your destiny has in store for. .

The Grand Priest of Ifa, the Babalawo or Iyanifas are the Priests and Priestesses of the Ifa Oracle that receive and decode the meaning of the Divine Messages contained in the Odu Ifa Parables that are transmitted to them using a Divination Chain known as Opele or the Sacred Palm or Kola Nuts on a Wooden Divination Tray called the Opon Ifa.

. Obi Abata, the type of Obi used in divination, is made up of three to six lobes that are split open and used as both an Oracle and as offerings to the Ancestors and Orisa. .

The meanings of number four's life path are as follows: Positive Characteristics: 4s are. 32.


El Oracle Yoruba of Obi, Biagué or Aditoto, popularly known as "The oracle of the coconut" invokes the Orishas or the ancestors to obtain their advice.

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. While numerology is busy calculating the numbers, Ifa Oracle goes straight into the message straight through divination.

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Moreover, the formal explanation of the whole process is given. . .

Who founded Ifa? According to Yoruba mythology, Ifa oracle was founded by Orunmila in Ile-Ife (the city believed to be the source of the Yorubas – Orirun Ile Yoruba) after Orunmila had initiated himself and. This is because Ifa priests are well-schooled in the knowledge of the Ifa Oracle. Mar 1, 1995 · Afolabi A. .